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Did you know that roses are perfectly suitable for growing as a hedge? A hedge with roses is less dense, and therefore more whimsical than a conventional hedge. With its gorgeous fragrance and colours, a rose hedge will brighten up your garden for months on end. A rose hedge is strong and will last for many years.

Romantic hedge

For a romantic hedge, shrub roses, large-flowered roses and spray roses are an excellent choice. They come in a variety of colours. The flowering period is from June to well into autumn. This hedge feels perfectly at home in a cottage garden, but also creates a pleasing contrast in gardens with sleek lines. For taller hedges, up to two metres, shrub roses are a good choice. Climbing roses can be used to create a large garden wall. However, climbing roses will need to be tied, to a trellis, for example.

Natural hedge

Wild or botanical roses work well as a more natural-looking hedge. They come in short and tall varieties and need ample space; most wild roses grow out wide. After flowering, they form lovely rose hips, which birds adore. You can also make rose hip jam, for a healthy vitamin C hit.

Interesting fact

Wild roses used to be used as dense plantings around settlements. The thorns were supposed to keep unwanted visitors at bay.


* For a relaxing atmosphere, choose uni-colour roses or with complementary colours.

* If you opt for multiple rose varieties, make sure they do not differ too much in height.

* Lower rose hedges work really well along a patio or path.

* The planting distance will vary per rose type and the effect you want to create; for example: roses near a fence can be spaced a little further apart.

* For a wider hedge, plant two rows, alternating the roses.

* Make sure your site of choice gets at least 5 hours of sun, fertilise generously and prune in the spring.


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