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Choose fragrance and color and spoil yourself or someone else with garden roses. From a low rose bush in a decorative pot to a climbing rose covering a rose arch or arbor: there is no plant species as diverse as the rose.

Exuberant flowering

Garden roses are true sun lovers (with the odd exception). They shine the brightest in a spot with at least 5 hours of sun a day. The more sun, the more gratefully the rose blooms. The first rose buds will appear as early as May. June and July are the peak flowering months. But even after that, they will continue to flower diligently, especially if you deadhead wilted flowers in summer. It will take until late fall for the first frost to put an end to flowering. The rose hips that follow, which come in all kinds of shapes and colors, are a nice bonus. Rose hips are particularly prolific on botanical and wild roses.

Years of enjoyment

Roses not only perform well in the soil, you can also grow them in pots. They look great on terraces and balconies. Make sure to choose a pot that is at least 16 inches deep, because roses like to grow deep roots. Water the roses more often after planting during dry spells. Once established, roses can withstand heat and drought just fine. With sufficient space and a little TLC, they will last for years.

Interesting little facts

  • Roses are a worldwide symbol of love and romance.
  • In the broad color palette of the flowers, only the color blue is missing, although some purple or violet roses come pretty close.
  • The flower size varies from smaller than a marble to as large as a fist.
  • Fertilizing your garden roses in spring and summer will keep them in tip-top condition.

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