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How would you like to stroll through your very own rose garden and suddenly be delighted by their wonderfully sweet fragrance? What about sitting on your patio surrounded by roses blooming in the most glorious colours? Create your own rose paradise by planting roses now.


No plant offers so much variety as the rose. A quick way to create a real rose garden is to combine roses with several different habits. Plant creeping roses together with taller shrub and standard roses. And don’t forget about the really tall varieties: climbing roses growing against a wall or supported by a rose arbour, pergola or fence. Botanical (wild) rose species are perfect for a less formal part of the garden or even in a vegetable garden for their production of rose hips.

Colours and shapes

How do you like your flowers? In sunny bright colours, romantic pastels, or pure serene white? Roses also offer countless flower shapes. Will you choose subtle tiny flowers, big showy varieties, or both? In any case, it’s important to know that different rose varieties have various flowering periods. By choosing carefully, you can have roses in flower from May until the first frost.

Care rose garden

Roses are strong plants; with some love and attention, they can last for dozens of years. Plant them in a sunny location, give them enough fertiliser, and prune them in the spring. Following these rules will keep your roses in good condition so that they can bloom profusely year after year. More pruning and fertilising tips and more inspiration for using roses are to be found here.


  • Even though roses prefer sending their roots down deep, they can also thrive in pots. For this reason, plant them in a pot of at least 40 centimetres deep.
  • Rose bushes prefer not being surrounded by other plants. Good air circulation reduces the risk of diseases and mildew.
  • Having roses in your garden improves the biotope for bees.

Create your own rose garden and enjoy their scent and colour for years to come Create your own rose garden and enjoy their scent and colour for years to come Create your own rose garden and enjoy their scent and colour for years to come

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