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With their many advantages, roses are a must-have for any garden. There is a reason why the rose is known as the queen of flowers. In this article, we've listed some of the advantages of rose bushes for you.

Reason 1: Long flowering period

The first roses will start flowering in May, while the last will bloom well into autumn. This means that you will enjoy their flowering splendour for months on end. The first frost usually puts an end to the flowering, but with a little bit of luck, you may still come across a stray rose blossom, even in winter.

Reason 2: A boost for biodiversity

Insects love the pollen in the flowers, and the bushes offer great shelter for birds and hedgehogs, for example. In autumn and winter, rose hips are a popular food source for many bird species. In this way, many different animals benefit from rose bushes.

Reason 3: Climate resistance

Roses will continue to flower even during hot and dry periods, thanks to their deep roots. So, if you plant them in a pot, a pot of at least 40 centimetres deep is your best bet. Great for patios or balconies.

Reason 4: Versatile flowering bushes

Roses come in almost every colour of the rainbow. Rose bushes with beautiful multicoloured and striped flowers are also an option. The flower size varies from as small as a marble to the size of a fist.

Reason 5: Delightful fragrance

We all love the smell of roses. Most roses have a sweet fragrance, but there are also some with a fresh or spicy fragrance. You can smell some flowering rose bushes from afar, while others are more subtle in spreading their fragrance.

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