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Ground cover roses are highly suitable for public spaces

Ground cover roses are highly suitable for public spaces. With their flowering period that lasts many months, they make a positive contribution to the city’s habitat. There is plenty choice in strong varieties on their own roots, they can be extensively managed and they will last for years.


The ground cover rose group consists of bushy, low to medium-height rose bushes that spread out wide as they grow. They will cover a lot of ground in a short time, with the important advantage that weeds will have little chance. From May onwards and deep into autumn, they will show off their rich blooms with open, single or semi-double flowers. With their generous offerings of pollen, the former are very attractive to many insect species. The low-growing hybrids of Rosa rugosa, with a more natural look, are also part of this group.


Ground cover roses are highly suitable for filling up planting beds, for example, in parks or on roundabouts. The modern varieties will cover a plant bed within a single season and combine nicely with other shrubs. Roadsides along motorways or cycling and walking paths can also be brightened up with these roses since they are resistant to road salt. Many varieties are also suitable for use in planters. As a bonus, most varieties will grow rose hips after flowering, extending the ornamental period and providing a source of food for birds.


Roses need well-drained soil, without any blocking layers. They also require a sunny spot with at least 4 hours of sun: the more sun the better. Never plant roses under large trees. The planting hole must be sufficiently deep, to allow the roots to fully extend downward. Pruning can be done mechanically, with a cutter bar, for example, at a frequency averaging once every three to five years, partly depending on the location. This should be done after the worst of the frost has passed, in March or April.

More information about roses in public spaces can be found at, under ‘professionals’.

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