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Thanks to breeding, we can choose from a broad range of strong, healthy shrub roses that flower abundantly and for extended periods. These modern shrub roses have a high ornamental value, are low-maintenance and increase biodiversity. Furthermore, once planted, such modern roses will last for years.


New shrub roses that are specifically suited for public green spaces are regularly launched on the market. Many of these shrub roses grow on their own roots, unlike many older cultivars. The roses are subject to strict requirements, not only with regard to their physical characteristics, but also such aspects as health and low maintenance needs. For example, the shrubs have a sufficiently suppressing effect on weeds. With most cultivars, the shrub cleans itself, automatically getting rid of dead flowers.

Great quantities of pollen

Shrub roses come in a variety of colours and scents. They flower abundantly and long-lastingly, with single (open), semi-double or fully double flowers. Single flowers contain great quantities of pollen and are interesting for beneficial insects such as bees, bumblebees and hoverflies. Because rose flowers do not contain nectar, butterflies are rarely seen on roses. However, the flowers do attract a number of moths, such as the black-spot chestnut. Later in the year, the rosehips serve as food for birds, including greenfinches and goldfinches.

Care shrub roses

Modern shrub roses are very suitable for the planting of large surfaces in median strips, roundabouts and flower beds. In smaller groups, they also combine perfectly with other shrubs or perennials. They are also well suitable for planting in containers. Pruning can be done every year, but can also be postponed two or three years; even without pruning, they continue to flower abundantly. It is advantageous to do the pruning mechanically, e.g. using a cutter bar or flail mower. Note that this is only possible for ungrafted roses. Rose professionals can provide customised advice about the range of available cultivars, planting and maintenance.

The advantages of modern shrub roses The advantages of modern shrub roses The advantages of modern shrub roses

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