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Are you passionate about roses and do you also love the colourful rose hips on the autumn branches? Autumn is the perfect time to plant roses, because doing so gives the roots time to settle before winter. The more roots a rose develops, the better it will be able to find enough nutrition.

Best planting time

Roses come in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes. You can buy them with bare roots, or in a pot with soil. The first option is the most interesting from a price point of view. ‘Bare-root roses’ can be planted from October to April, and potted roses throughout the year. Do not plant them during a freeze, autumn is the best time to plant.

Sunny spot

The average rose needs at least 4 hours of sun to grow and flower properly; the more sun the better. They are real sun worshippers! Almost any soil type is suitable, although because roses do not like wet feet, the soil should be well drained.


Before planting, dig a spacious and deep planting hole. Many roses have been grafted onto a wild rootstock. Plant them in such a way that the grafting site (the thickening with the first branches, above the roots) is 3 to 5 cm below the ground. Mix some organic fertiliser through the top soil and press down gently. Water generously. As early as the following summer, the rose flowers will steal the show in your garden or on your balcony.

Rose tips

  • Replace the soil in areas where there were roses before with new garden soil or soil from a different part of the garden.
  • Roses can also be planted in a pot or container. Bear in mind that roses grow into the depth with the roots, so the pot height must be at least 40 centimetres.

Do you like roses? Plant them in autumn Do you like roses? Plant them in autumn Do you like roses? Plant them in autumn

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