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You want to give a gift that’s both personal and original. So, what about garden roses?

Whether it’s for a special occasion or no reason at all, garden roses are always appreciated. That’s because they are great gifts that last and last. Whoever receives it will think of you whenever these garden roses are in bloom. What could be better?

Garden, patio or balcony

Garden roses come in so many different shapes, colours, heights and scents, that you can always find just the right one. They’re also available in several versions including climbing, standard and shrub roses. Since they thrive in pots, anyone with a balcony or patio will be pleased to receive one. Presenting your rose in a carefully chosen ornamental pot will make your gift even more personal. Just be sure that the pot is deep enough: at least 40 centimetres. This is because roses like to send their roots down deep into the soil.

Buying garden roses

Garden roses are sold either in their cultivation pot or as bare root plants. Roses in cultivation pots can be planted at any time of year – even in the middle of summer. Roses sold as bare root plants can be planted from October until the end of April. Actually, the best months for planting either kind are October and November, and only when the soil isn’t frozen. Planted in the right place, a rose will become established and can live for decades. When you give a rose, you give a gift that really keeps on giving.

Did you know that…

  • Rose petals are edible? They make a pretty accent in a salad.
  • Single-petaled and semi-double roses are a treat for bees and other beneficial insects?
  • Many roses produce rose hips after flowering? These are fun to use for tea or making jam. And birds love them, too.

Garden roses make great gifts Garden roses make great gifts Garden roses make great gifts

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