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Shrub roses provide colour and fragrance. To keep them in peak condition, you will need to prune and fertilise them. This stimulates their growth and flowering.


Once freezing temperatures disappear around the end of February and early March, it’s time for the most important pruning: spring pruning. This is the pruning that rejuvenates a shrub rose. The first step in this process is to cut out any dead and weak or damaged branches. Then, radically cut the remaining branches back to 15 cm above the ground. It’s as easy as that!

Pruning for flowering

During the summer months, it’s time to prune to retain the attractive shape of your shrub rose. Sometimes, doing this also means sacrificing a number of flowers, but don’t worry since this procedure will automatically produce a second flowering display. Trim away spent flowers so that all of the plant’s energy will then be devoted to producing new flowers. Roses will continue to flower profusely, especially during warm weather.


For shrub roses, producing flowers year after year is a real challenge. To help them, give them fertiliser. Do this at the end of March, mid-June and mid-July. Organic fertilisers release their nutrients gradually. Work the fertiliser into the upper layer of soil around the rose. This will keep your roses healthy. If the leaves on your shrub rose turn yellowish with dark veins, apply chemical fertiliser for a quick recovery.

Interesting facts about pruning roses

  • Use clean sharp pruning shears for small branches and a lopper or handsaw for thick branches.
  • Shrub roses often begin to grow as early in the year as March. You can prune these shoots away without compunction since the plant will always produce new ones.
  • But what if you have other kinds of roses in your garden? If so, go here to for tips about pruning all kinds of roses.
  • Since roses are greedy feeders, use special rose fertiliser that contains high percentages of nitrogen and potassium.

Pruning and fertilising roses Pruning and fertilising roses

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