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Roses add fragrance and colour to the green infrastructure for months on end. Shrub roses are particularly suitable. With their high ornamental value, these flowering shrubs give the greenery a high-quality boost. Biodiversity and air quality also benefit from planting roses.

Endlessly flowering shrubs

Modern shrub roses are strong and healthy. With the right application and management, this maintenance-extensive planting will last for years to come. Shrub roses flower continuously from mid-May until well into autumn, showing off their beautiful flowers, and the plants are pleasing to the eye. The colour variation is broad; from white to purple, pastel-yellow to bright-red and everything in between. Most varieties are self-cleaning; faded flowers fall out of their own accord. Pruning can easily be postponed for 2 or 3 years; flowering will remain abundant and weeds are suppressed. Roses on their own root ball can be pruned mechanically.

Improved air quality

Shrub roses are suitable for dense hedges. They also flourish in borders or planting areas, for example, in verges and parks, or on roundabouts. These flowering shrubs also grow and flower well in containers. Research has shown that roses are able to trap harmful particles from the air. Their capturing capacity of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ozone (O3) is particularly high. Roses also capture particulate matter and store CO2. Climbing roses score the highest with their large leaf surfaces, but shrub roses also do their bit.

Useful insects

The flowering shrubs are a popular hiding and nesting place for birds. They also provide a perfect scratching ground for hedgehogs and other small mammals. The rose thorns on the branches provide extra protection. Bees, hoverflies, parasitic wasps and other beneficial insects are drawn to the pollen in open and half-filled rose hearts like magnets. In autumn and winter, the rose hips provide food for many bird species. With their many positive qualities, roses certainly deserve a place in the city.

Roses in the city: more than just flowering shrubs Roses in the city: more than just flowering shrubs Roses in the city: more than just flowering shrubs

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